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Poppyseed Lane - FINAL

Step 3. Writing Your Logline

A cunning woman betrays her aging husband in a devious scheme that goes awry.

Step 2. Drafting Your Screenplay

FINAL DRAFT - after tweaking and messing with verbiage.

SECOND DRAFT - after feedback from my classmates.

FIRST DRAFT - This was just word vomit.

Outlines: I wrote these outlines first to get a sense of the action and pace before moving forward with the script.

Version 2 Outline 2 Hon. Henry Bennet

Version 1 Outline Hon. Henry Bennett

Step 1. Selecting Your Text

based on Hon. Henry Bennett from Spoon River Anthology.

It never came into my mind

Until I was ready to die

That Jenny had loved me to death, with malice of heart.

For I was seventy, she was thirty—five,

And I wore myself to a shadow trying to husband

Jenny, rosy Jenny full of the ardor of life.

For all my wisdom and grace of mind

Gave her no delight at all, in very truth,

But ever and anon she spoke of the giant strength

Of Willard Shafer, and of his wonderful feat

Of lifting a traction engine out of the ditch

One time at Georgie Kirby’s.

So Jenny inherited my fortune and married Willard—

That mount of brawn! That clownish soul!

Why I Chose this Text: 1. Love triangle! The archetypes are there but I filled out the characters and the manner of his Honorable Henry Bennett's death. I made Jenny the lead, focusing on her care/betrayal of Henry Bennett and her relationship with Willard. 2. I have access to shoot on a farm for free, so I wrote a scene with Jenny and Willard together at Georgie Kirby's (which I've deduced is a farm because that's where Willard lifts a traction engine out of a ditch). 3. The piece transcends time and place, so I can set it in anywhere and during any time period I want. I made it current, because it will be cheaper, easier, and faster to make if I don't have to worry about early 1900's hairstyles, wardrobe, vehicles, available technology, language, etc.


Music: Here is the song listed in the script. Feel free to listen while reading the final scene for maximum creep factor.

Loretta Lynn - This Haunted House - Link to Youtube video with record crackling! Spooky.

or Loretta Lynn – This Haunted House - Link to the Spotify track

Imagery: Some imagery for the locations. Where noted, I have access to actual locations. Otherwise they're just for visual reference.

BENNETT KITCHEN INTERIOR - pulled from Google images

BENNETT HOUSE EXTERIOR - pulled from Google images

COUNTRY LANE - actual shooting location

BARN INTERIOR - actual shooting location (to be dressed with hay and such, where's art dept?)

TRACTOR AND OTHER EQUIPMENT - actual shooting location


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