Poppies - student project

Another attempt at loose watercolors! I started by experimenting with colors, but I forgot to write which colors I used for each combination!. At first, I couldn't find a green that would satisfy me, so I started to practice my buds with all the green tones I had created. Took a while for my brain to grasp the shape of the bud, I giggled because it felt like I was creating a monster from the 80's movie "Little Shop of Horrors", hahaha! Eventually I got it, and moved on to practice some petals.


Poppies - image 1 - student project


Petals wwere a bit challenging too, so I went back to basics and sketched poppies from references to get used to them (the ones on the right). I realized I wasn't leaving enough white spaces among other things, so it was good I took my time to analyze and try different things. When I felt ready, I moved to plan my composition:

Poppies - image 2 - student project


I somehow felt like I wanted to make an horizontal flower arrangement instead of vertical. It was a risky move to make my own design, but I'm happy with the result! I still copied most of the flower directions from the class and some others I just imagined how they would look.

Most colors come from the tropical watercolor confections set by prima marketing. Vase and flower centers were made using W&N gouache basic primaries set. For paper I used my Strathmore 400 series,  300g.


Poppies - image 3 - student project


Thank you Pooja!

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