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Popliments Greeting Cards and Gifts

After a couple months of work, I've recently launched Popliments my online store (www.popliments.com) to sell a line of funny greeting cards and custom portraits inspired by pop artist like Andy Warhol and psychedelic rock poster designers of the Sixties.

I have high hopes marketing on Pinterest. My industry demographic seems to match well with Pinterest. To that effect, earlier I spent some time seeding my page with about a thousand pins prior to launch. I have business boards for my products (with rich pins), contest and offers, blog and behind the scenes. However, the bulk of my effort was spent investing in boards that have influenced my work. This has multiple purposes. It has been an inspirition board that has already help provide me with idea for the evolution of my design process and several upcoming cards I have planned. For marketing purposes, once I begin my daily post routine (should be shortly) I will intermittently slot my business pins into respective interest boards.

I tried to create pins with good graphics that link to rich content. Unlike others, I make every effort to attribute photographers, illustrators and artist. I try to link to the original source, a storefront or article with a portfolio of work not just an anonymous picture posted on tumblr.

I also spent time cataloging influencers that pin in common subjects. It’s an extensive spreadsheet (which keeps growing) with columns for my interest boards and checkmarks for influencers posting habits. Over time, I hope to follow them all and engage by pinning their content and commenting here and there. But that will happen over time. I also want to keep a reasonable balance between my numbers for followers and who I’m following.

Once I get things going I also hope to blog (fingers crossed with regularity) about the business and topics related to my influences. Maybe try writing on pop culture and get interviews starting with lesser known folks and working up to more established names. I see pinterest pins as being a great way to advertise that post.

On my site, I have a carousel with rotating graphics directing traffic. I have one graphic slot set aside to promote a blog post and another to direct visitors to my Pinterest site. You think it is alright to use screenshots of my interest boards that include others work but obviously in the Pinterest interface?

In the future, I’d like to incentivize user generated boards. One I idea I had,was giving a coupon to anyone who uploaded a reaction photo or video of someone reading one of my cards. It’s just idea that I my try once I’m more established.

That’s the plan at least. Check out my Pinterest page when you get a chance. Comments welcome.

Eric Edge


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