Popcutouts Portfolio Site

I've been working on revising my previous portfolio website.  I work as a freelance illustrator and designer, so the thing I want to show right up front is my work (both personal work and commission work).  My homescreen will also double as my portfolio page.  The Blog and Store buttons will just be links that will open a second tab in the user's window.

In this version, I have the main image, detail images on the side, and a description on the work.  Underneath will be thumbnails of my other work.  On an iPad or iPhone, there won't be the arrow buttons, you will just be able to swipe to scroll through the images.

For the About page, there will be an image on the left, a short bio, and a link to my resume.  This will either open up another tab, like the Blog and Store button, or it will download my resume to the user's computer.

The Contact page is pretty simple.  My information and a link to my Twitter account on the right, and some illustration (yet to be designed) on the left.

While working on this version, I had a lot of ideas for my webpage.  It seemed too complicated to incorporate them all into one because I really want a simple page that really showcases my work, so I made a second version.

Once again, my main page will default to my portfolio.  The menu sidebar would be static and always remain the same no matter how you scroll through the content on the right.  This time, the page will consist entirely of thumbnails.  There will be a scroll bar to the right, but on an iPad or iPhone, you can just swipe through the images.  When you click on a thumbnail the screen will become greyed out, and a large window will appear in front of the portfolio window.

For me, this has pluses and minuses.  The plus is that the illustration will be larger than in my other portfolio design.  However, this would mean I wouldn't have detailed images.  Although, I don't have many detailed shots of some of my work so I'm not sure if this would even matter.

The About me page will have a small image, a short bio, and my resume.  Once again, the right menu bar will be static as you scroll through my resume.  Pretty simple.

This time the contact page has a premade inquiry box, as opposed to my contact info.

Let me know what you think!  There are aspects I like from both layouts and I'm not sure which ones to go with.  Any thoughts?


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