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Identity of the ccompany: 'Popcorn preken' (eng: Popcorn Sermons) is a Duth national non-profit website where there is a online database of Movie discussions in the dutch language. These can be use for a christian homegroup where a couple of friends rent a movie to watch together and discuss the topics adressed in the movies. It is spawned out of a natonal 'movement' of movie discussion groups, where christians gathered to watch movie together and have meaningfull discussions. To share stories and material a website has started to collect these stories and discussions and has made them available to others. It's an open forum and crowd sourced.

Target audience:

Age: 20 - 35
Gender: male & Female
Locale: Dutch. European. Urban setting. International.
Income: Low. Students and young employees.
Education: College / University

What do they want to communicate: Openess, cultural relevance, fun, engaging, spirituality, young, fresh, movies.

What mood do I want to communicate: Intellect, emotion.

Where are they going to use the logo for: Branding. Website.

 Moodboard Typography

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Concept Moodboard

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Composition Moodboard

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Colour Composition Moodboard

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Sketches fase...

I Got to 20 different sketsches. Got rid of some. But with there i oculd take it a another step further...

Popcorn Preken - image 5 - student project

Feel free to ask questions to help me define my moodboard better! Comments are most welcome. Thank you :D

Harmen Struiksma

Webdesigner / Graphic Designer