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Pop! Fizz! Clink

I knew I wanted to do a retro-ish champagne poster. In a lot of illustrations I saw from the atomic age, there was a lot of layering and a lot of round shapes juxtaposed with lines and edges. I loved it so much. I wanted to do a really simple poster and try to utilize everything I've learned from lesson 1-4. 

I created a 4 colour swatch. these colours were used for the chapagnes and the bubbles. I used the "noise" filter for the fizz. I used both the "multiply" and the "lighten" filter for this project. 

I used the pen tool to draw champagne glasses. I created duplicate layers from the champagne glasses, added a fill colour and resized it for the actual champagne. I used arious sized circles for the bubbles. 

I think that's it. This was pretty simple. 


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