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These images come from a summer day spent poolside. I wanted to capture the heat of the day and put to use that high-contrast light of the midday sun. The two words for this project are BOLD and BODY. 


[head not face] I'm not sure that the browns and neutrals here are adding much to the BOLD theme, but I am happy with what the contrast is doing.


[both hands] Getting the camera to stay balanced on the poolside chaise was no easy task, but I'm glad it worked out because I like that I got to incorporate the iconic blue and white plastic lounger in this series. It says "summer" to me! I wonder, though, would it feel more in-theme if I edited the pinky tones to be whiter? Or does the pink feel summery enough?


[overhead] This is by far my favorite of the series. There are a lot of outtakes as I tried to get the skirt to fall just so, and to get the water ripples visible without distorting the black lines of the pool steps, and the glimmer of the sun on the water just so... You get the idea. Happily, the colors in this skirt worked well for what I was hoping for.

This was a good project to push me outside of my typical work (and it forced me to try the timer on my iPhone, which will be an asset in the future). I'm not sure that the photos look like a series, but it was still a good exercise for me.

What do you think? What could I improve on?


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