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Poolside Vignette

He was not a stalker, but it became a habit for him to watch her, while his wife slept immobile in their bed. Tonight, she came like every other night, seemingly out of nowhere, until she bent down to pull off her black high-heeled pumps underneath the lone street lamp. She swung the shoes over the chain-linked fence that surrounded the public pool next to his building and hitched up her skirt then climbed over the fence. By the pool, she striped off her black suit jacket, her starched white blouse, and her black skirt then dived into the water gracefully with almost no sound. He lighted a cigarette while waiting for her to surface. Some nights he would make it through a stick before she came up for air. The first night, he thought that she had come to drown herself, but even then he didn’t move away from his balcony. Sometimes during the day, while he sat numb in front of his monitor trying to write copy for the launch of the new hair product, he would wonder about her, who she was, where she came from and why she chose to sneak into the pool late at night. Other times he wondered about what would happen if one night she suddenly looks up at the building and sees him watching her. What would she do? He also wondered about the theory that said that a person would feel it if someone is looking at her. Does she know? Though it seemed that she was never worried about being caught, she never looked around to check if the coast was clear, she never shown any hesitation before diving into the cold water. Who was she? He wondered, exhaling a puff of smoke. Finally, she came up for air. He put out his cigarette and retreated back into his bed. Until tomorrow…        


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