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Poolside Rendezvous (Black/White v Color)

While in Austin for SXSW i randomly met up with my friend Rebecca at a motel the night before she was headed out & did an impromtu shoot

now we had been tryna shoot the whole week but due to the rain & the craziness of our schedules we just couldn't get something set in stone, so the moment she told me she was in San Marcos at some motel, i came right over

now initially i had planned out the whole shoot from an outfit to a location so i was little out of my comfort zone when we first began but before i knew it things were just clicking

the inspiration for the look we decided to go with came from old moves like pulp fiction and things of that sort. intitially i was going to go strictly B/W but during the editing process i realized how big a difference color made on the entire shoot. how it when from looking 1930-50s to 1970-90s which is what gave me the idea to break it into two halfs.One half B/W, One half color

i'd love feedback on how i could improve this kind of shoot for next time i.e: what shots i missed, angles that i may of neglected, etc. thank you all for taking the time to check this out, hopefully you guys like it.

for more of my stuff, you can check out my ig: @92chill


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