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Pool Party!

Round 4: the collection!

Here is my final collection :) I went with the chaotic/calculated oppositions in the pool party mango margaritas color way. Thanks Jenna for such a wonderful class, I've learned so much!

a pdf of my collection can be downloaded here

Round 3: color!

Here are my color combos for both the chaos + calculated, as well as the sweet + salty oppositions :)

Round 2

After receiving Jenna's feedback, I wanted to add a little more contrast between my grey contrasting pairs, so these are those changes/updates. Still undecided which pair to take into color, so any feedback is greatly appreciated :) Thanks for all of the wonderful comments so far!

land + sea:

chaotic + calculated:

sweet + salty:

Round 1

The three contrasting ideas I came up with were:

land (staggered columns) + sea (staggered rows) :

chaotic (staggered columns) + calculated (staggered rows) :

and sweet (staggered rows) + salty (staggered rows) :


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