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Added a little bit of shading and a little oomph in Poofy's walk:

Just a still from what I have so far on the fight scene:

Also, here's an animation we've been working on using the techniques from the "B" beard example.  I hope to use the same kind of techniques with shape layers for the below fight sequence. This is a girl turning into a waterdrop:


Today I'm going to be working on a short fight sequence between Poofy and a Monster.  Through this exercise I hope to introduce and develop more facial expressions, body poses, and various actions for both Poofy and the Monster.  Here's the story I hope to convey:  Monster sees Poofy and gets ready to attack, teeth chomping, drooling. Poofy flies in and waves wand while avoiding Monster's advances. Poofy shoots light out of her wand that envelopes Monster.  Angry Monster transforms into a sweet puppy-like Monster, licking Poofy's face and wagging his tail (or some variation of this: Monster cleans up the mess he's made, or helps Poofy with her garden, etc.).  Here's a basic layout of where the fight scene will be held:

Poofy flying in and hovering, she's got a wand now! All rigged with GG puppet tools:


Updated walk cycle in profile, rigged with GG Puppet tools:


We have a new monster soon to be animated:

Ok we figured out the Ps GIF speed issue, here's our practice penguin bounce walking:

I have a rough 12 frame half a walk cycle, but it's saving out of photoshop half the speed at which it previews in photoshop or plays in After Effects hmmmm:

Here's a simplified shape layer version of the face and arms of one of the monsters I want to animate:

Here are some other versions of Poofy I made yesterday, going to try and rig/animate them today, there's a vector-based one with outlines on Poofy, both looking straight ahead and in profile for the walk cycle, and a shape layer Poofy to see if I can animate something that moves like Daniel's jumping penguin.  I think for the face animation part of the project I'm going to animate one of the faces of the monsters that poofy fights in the story. I will post first animation tests tomorrow if I get a chance.  Here are some things I'm trying to animate:

1. Poofy walk cycle in profile.

2. Poofy jumps and takes off for flight, maybe turns to profile (shape layer Poofy)

3.  Poofy flying in profile and hovering - maybe make use of the Eel type wave animation style.

4. Monster facial expressions

5. Poofy facial expressions

6.  Maybe something with the straight-ahead looking vector Poofy below

7. Maybe angry monster whole body animation - shape layer style

We are creating a ladybug who flies, tends her garden, and fights crime.  We've got a good idea of our design, but we realize it might be altered a bit as the story evolves and we figure out the  most expressive way to animate her and tell the story.  Here's a look at a generic rig of Poofy I did before starting this class.  Things I'm concerned with design-wise so far are: 

-Limbs are made up each of one piece, i.e. arm and hand are one piece. Foot and leg are one piece.  I will try out different rigs to see which works best with our design as it is now, but we may need to give hands, for instance, some more definition.

-Eyes might need to be bigger, more expressive, will probably add eyebrows.

-Vector vs. Raster style, through this class I hope to figure out the best way to bring across our style in the animation, be it through vectors turned shape layers with textures over them, or a rig, both, etc. while staying on model through the animation. Also, we'd like to work in some 3D and/or 2.5 animation and experiment with camera moves.

We don't have final storyboards yet so I will be experimenting with the character's main motions through this class.


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