Pony Print Press. Where Ponies Get Printed.

Pony Print Press. Where Ponies Get Printed. - student project


Update 08/02/13

I've been playing around with making the site look better, I've added an Amazon astore and some widgets to my technique page. AWEsome. this is very exciting. To infinity. And beyond.

Update 06/002/13

Code challenges 7 & 8 complete.

Now just to fine tune things ie content.

Great course. Incredible value for 20$!!  I'm so amazed at creating a website from scratch. Jonathan is an awesome teacher that covers everything you need to know. Answers every question you ask and keeps you on track with moving forward. He has a great teaching technique, is easy to listen to and has a great attitude. I think he wins the internet : ) Hands down. Do this course. You won't regret it.

Update 04/02/13

Woot Woot. Challenge 6 complete! I've only added a pinterest button as that is the social media that I am mostly on and I love how visual pinterest is. I feel that 'visual' is essential to my business as printmaking is visual art.

Update 01/01/13

Code Challenge 5 complete. Phew!

Update 27/01/13

I've been watching the 3. videos and clueing up on the next steps. I've also spent my weekend keeping my head above water ( we are experiencing a cyclone/ tornado in my state - Queensland Australia ATM.). So as I've been assigned to my cabin due to the weather I've been writing up content for my index, technique and about pages : )

seriously... a tornado in Australia???

Update 25/01/13

Code challenge 4 completed. Things are still very basic tho.

Update 23/01/13

Challange 3 complete! Yay! Really enjoying this course!!

Update 22/01/13

I have been able to accomplish most of 2.1 code challenges except for adding a video. I have posted a question in discussions for some help on achieving this challenge.

Update 16/01/13

I've uploaded and published my site but I'm having problems with google finding it... I've contacted my host and am waiting for a reply.


Hi there

I'd  like to create a simple website to showcase and sell my art prints and handmade goods. (printed sofa cushions printed fabric etc).

Orignially I wanted my website named Paper Pony Handmade but I've discoverd that a similar name 'paper ponies'  is already being used on Etsy.   

sad face.

So the name evolved.

'Pony Print Press'

My original idea was to open an Etsy store to showcase and sell my work as I produce it. I never got around to opening the store yet. And of course ideas evolve into bigger things like creating a website...

Horses are a big part of my life so no biggy there on why my website name has equine origins.  I'm a printmaker by heart and soul, and a little crazy too. {it helps}

I thought the original images (above) for Paper Pony, were really cool and very symbolic of where I was at the time that I made them. It will evolve as I progress with my ideas. there's about a million of them.I'm hoping to use an image from the work I'm currently producing for my next printmaking exhibition.  And it will be a closer representation of where I am now. Simpler, focused. if that's possbile...lol.

Below is a photo of a  quick experimental watercolour print I made today. I'll be using something like this one {but not this one} to incorporate into my new Pony Print Press logo. 

So that's my story xxo

Looking forward to meeting everyone. Good luck. I can't wait to see your amazing websites!


PS I will always print ponies.

I also hang our here http://www.creative-decorating-ideas.com

Pony Print Press. Where Ponies Get Printed. - image 1 - student project

Sandra Relf

Creative Decorator