Pony Lover Since 1992

Pony Lover Since 1992 - student project

Paper Sketches

I started out without a project concept in mind, but as I was doodling and listening to Aaron's "human being" concept I got inspiration. I ride horses and have loved them since my first pony ride at age 3, so I set out to make a horse lover patch.

Pony Lover Since 1992 - image 1 - student project

First Digital Pass

Getting comfy with type. I used a stock image for the icon and dropped in a reference to Gypsy, the first pony I ever rode who struck a deep love in my heart.

Pony Lover Since 1992 - image 2 - student project

Second Pass with Custom Icon

I wanted to do something with a horseshoe. The first drawing was fine, but didn't feel full enough. 

Pony Lover Since 1992 - image 3 - student project

So I added some of Gypsy's magic and it popped off:

Pony Lover Since 1992 - image 4 - student project