PongBattleship - student project

1. Describe your product line/idea in 2-3 sentences

There are many different variations of the drinking game beer pong (which simply involves a ping pong ball, red plastic cups, and college kids and/or partying adults). One variation is called Battleship Beer Pong which follows rules similar to the board game (see rules). It is a very DIY sort of game that has some people going all out. This product would make plastic molds of real replica battleships, hollow out slots for the red plastic cups, and include a small hollow spot for a shot glass in the bow for consumption when the ship has been sunk.

PongBattleship - image 1 - student project

2. Identify your price point(s)

The product would primarily be marketed to college kids and individuals in their 20s. Since the game can be played without the battleship mold, price would have to remain low to justify buying it as a gimmick or as a present for a college kid. Ideally $20-$30.

3. Create a ‘Material Spec Sheet’ - a  list of the materials used in your product, and their individual specifications

Originally thought that basic plastic would do the trick but am open to other ideas that could keep price low. The ships can be hollow to save on material cost and to keep them light.

4. Provide visuals of what your finished product will look like (sketches, illustrations, photos of prototype etc.)

Think a simplified version of something like this (image #1 below) meets this (image #2 below) with space for 3-5 cups. This means that the length would not exceed a foot and a half. The ship would have to be designed so that no part of the ship was higher than the cups themselves as this would block shots and pose an issue.  Would explore if painting was necessary or could just be a single color of grey plastic.

PongBattleship - image 2 - student project

PongBattleship - image 3 - student project