Pomegranate pattern mittens

Pomegranate pattern mittens - student project

Thank you for a fun project! also love your positive and fun energy !

so basically this is my mitten here although i forgot to take images from the beginning ,here are some of the images of my process..

so i sketched everything and then painted the background with gouache paint, and i like the fact that i can paint over the drawing because everything else will be opaque and it wont show unlike watercolor... And then painted the big leaves as well as the branches.

Pomegranate pattern mittens - image 1 - student project

then i dived into the pencils and added the rest of the details.

Pomegranate pattern mittens - image 2 - student project

so i added some texture in the inner parts of the leaves with the colored pencils, just when i thought i am done, i felt that I need to see some solid color so i decided to create like a sleeve with a solid color and added some texture to the rest of the mitten also with the pencils..Pomegranate pattern mittens - image 3 - student projectinitially i had created this pattern through some other class and i was dying to use it ! and i thought it would look perfect on a mitten! 

Thank you for a wonderful class

Talar Tokajian
Artist & Interior Designer