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Elena Marunich

polymer clay jewelry designer



Polymer clay jewelry (make your own pendant "Magic lines")

This class is already PUBLISHED! If you’re interested in creating polymer clay jewelry, please enroll in my class. Hope you'll like it!

Class enrollment link:

About This Class

Do you want to make unique pendant «magic lines» for 25 minutes? Just take some color pieces of polymer clay & watch this class.


With the help of Elena Marunich (designer and educator with great experience) you will learn how to form original pattern & make an unusual piece of jewelry, using only the most simple tools (cylindrical glass, the blade of the knife stationery, toothpick, foil) and 3 colors of polymer clay.

You’ll spend time with pleasure & will be proud of your own lovely pendant.

Having mastered this technique, you can change colors and shapes that will allow you to create an infinite variety of unique jewelry.

Welcome to the wonderful world of polymer clay, where you can become a real  fairy & create miracles!

Project Description

Make your own original pendant «magic lines» & share your result.

You’ll be proud of your work even if you take the polymer clay for the first time! There is no need for your experience, special education or something else, just follow the lessons, believe in yourself & listen to your fantasy & you’ll get wonderful result.

Your new polymer clay jewelry will be unique, colored, durable, not afraid of sun and water, its pattern will not be erased. It can complement your look or be a lovely gift.


Prepare baking polymer clay. You can use Fimo, Sculpey, Cernit, Sonnet or other brands. Take 4 or more pieces of contrast colors. You can use blue, white, brown & light blue as in the class or others that you prefer. With different  colors you can get different interesting results.  



You need  25 minutes & simple tools:

- a cylindrical glass,

- a blade of the knife stationery,

- a toothpick

- & a foil.


Before you start, mash and warm each piece of polymer clay in your hands to make it softer.

Watch the first part of the class «magic lines» - «From color pieces to pattern».

Follow the video-instruction to create your workpiece with pattern.


After that watch & follow the next part – «From workpiece to pendant». Form the composition & cut it with a glass to get round pendant or with the knife to make jewelry with any other form.  



At the end bake it in electric or gas oven (30 minutes, 130C-265F) & after baking let it cool.  



Using this technology you can make a lot of original things – pendants, necklaces, earrings, keychains… Change colors, try different forms, be creative, make experiments, don’t be afraid of mistakes, create you jewelry & feel the joy of creativity!




Share your result! It is worthy of attention! You can get support of other students, share with them your inspiration & help to those who just start the class. I’ll be happy to see your wonderful accessories!

I advise you to make photo for sharing on light or other contrast background & under daylight without harsh shadows. The subject should be in focus to get a clear image.

I wish you inspiration, the joy of creativity and new amazing works!

Yours, Elena Marunich.

This class is already PUBLISHED! If you’re interested in creating polymer clay jewelry, please enroll in my class. Hope you'll like it!

Class enrollment link:


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