Polish summer



Hello guys!

Couldn't be more happy to see this class. Enamel mugs and pods have so many positive associations from my childhood. And what's even better, Emalco is a Polish brand!

I decided that my project has to have a little bit of a nostalgic feel connecting my (Polish) summer memories and my grandma's enamel pots.

Lettering and calligraphy are two things that really inspire me, so I wanted to make it a base for my project.

First thing's first - I just love this simple design:



Coming back to my process, in the beginning I made some sketches trying different ideas:



I vectorized my chosen drawings:







And this is how my project looks with the emalco's template:


The strawberry inside the mug was inspired by my grandmother's cookware.

On the bottom, I put a logo that I recently came up with.

This is a work in progress. I'm thinking about adding some texture to the drawings to see how it works.

And here is my second template: 



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