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Polish Inspired Botanical "M" Drop Cap

I always wanted to create a drop cap for my first intial, and have been really into botanical and floral motifs, so I went ahead and decided to work with that.

 I wanted to reference Eastern European flowers, and have a someone fusion of scandinavian vibe, inspired by Jessica's E from Daily Drop Cap (see below). 

I have been especially into light pink, and love the combination of mustard yellows. I have the strongest background in fine art and wanted to start with the artsy drawing part first.

I gathered ideas via pinterest and google, terms including, polish, scandinavian, mid century modern, etc. I also searched for has some polish pottery that I love and used that as well.

I drew up the flower in illustrator with the pen tool.

Now for the lettering!

After many failed attempts to pick and draw a complicatied letter in illustrator, I decided to keep it simple and go back to my fine arts roots in calligraphy, mostly becasuse that is just what I love to do best, and I thought a nice monoline would go with the foliage well.

I used my ipad to draw and sketch out a curly M. Once I got the shape right I added highlights with a pencil tool. I finished it up by brightening the contract in photoshop, and sent it over to Illustrator to merge it with my flower illustration.

The Flower and the M did not look like they went together because of the different mediums, so I added a watercolor texture over the flower. To tie it all in together I added the leaf wrapping around the letter, and one leaf falling to add the concept of time to make it less static.


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