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Police lying under oath


I'm working on the 2nd thumbnail.  I liked the idea but not the composition, I wanted to play more with sizes.  I'm not sure how I feel about the cop being so little, so I saved coloring him for last...but here is where I am.  I wanted the cop to stand out color-wise so I left the other colors kind of dull, and can make the cop more vibrant to draw attention to him.  What do you think?



If anyone has feedback, please let me know! :)  Meanwhile, I'll start taking one of these to final...I think I like 2 best!



Major points:

  • In courtroom, police testimony is trusted above all else
  • BUT police lie under oath to get away with breaking rules, meet quotas, 


  • Cop in witness box, leaning back with armed cross looking comfortable, feet up on box, pants on fire
  • Cop in witness box, stepping up to write "guilty" into speech bubble of judge, fingers crossed behind back

I was trying to get away from fingers being crossed or long noses, because that's what others were doing.  Not sure how great this pants on fire thing is!

1. Cop in witness box, relaxed, pants on fire, judge looks on enamored

2. Cop stands next to judge's box, fills in "GUILTY" with fingers crossed behind back (I guess I couldn't really get away from those two ideas entirely)

3. Guy in orange jumpsuit, looking worried, saying stuff, on top of his words is single voice bubble from cop who looks happy, pants on fire


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