Polica  in Omaha Ne

Polica in Omaha Ne

Updated Feb, 20th 2013

I decided to do a poster for Polica's show here in Omaha Ne coming up this summer.

Polica w/ Night Moves

April 23rd @ The Waiting Room

Brainstormin & Thoughts

I really enjoy the sound of the group, and when I listen to their songs I am instantly inspired visually. 



I am directly connected to the aspects of the this song in particular. I believe I will pull my poster directly from this song 

When watching the first video I can instantly start seeing elements where I can pull inspiration from. 

I like the colors and the idea of dripping ink. 

I saw his face and I instantly thought of dia de los muertos "day of the dead" which could be an interesting juxtapostion with the bands ambient sound. 


I dont know, could be cool. Makes me think of a modern art nouveau. Could be interested to start looking into.

I also imagine some space elements as well because of the Wandering Star & Dark Star titles. Another element to start looking into.

Poster Considerations

I know I want the poster to have some hand written elements in it. I also want to incorporate some textures that give the poster a darker feel. A darker feel because the song "wandering star" is the one Im directly inspired by and its a pretty dark song. I also am hoping (If I have time) to screen print the finished project. So limited color scheme and high quality details are some restrictions I will need to remember.


Some inital messing around with textures and ink.

I like this as a stating point. I also am thinking about messing around with shapes or elements with in the feet (maybe trees, city, night sky) Im not sure. This is just a starting point. It all could completly change haha. I have some sketches but nothing I was truly excited about so Im either going to just jump into pushing pixels or continue sketching not sure at this point. 

I am considering this to be the initial release of immediate ideas im having. My next set of upload I hopefully will have some more concrete thoughs and concepts. Feel free to comment I'd love to hear some thoughts. 

More to Come..

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