Polaroid Paintings

Polaroid Paintings - student project

I love storms, so this was another favourite to paint. I’m slowly making my way through the series!

Polaroid Paintings - image 1 - student project


This one was a fun, quick and easy one, although I did up fussing with the moon for quite some time.

Polaroid Paintings - image 2 - student project

Abstract is definitely not my strong suit, but I gave this one a whirl. This was my second attempt as the first one ended up a muddy mess lol

Polaroid Paintings - image 3 - student project

I love a good thunderstorm so this project is my favourite so far.

Polaroid Paintings - image 4 - student project


I could not get my paints to float on the sun one so I just ended up doing 3 three colours in a gradient. The lavender field one I liked painting except I went in a non abstract direction. I think I’ll try that one again with different colours and a looser style next time.

Polaroid Paintings - image 5 - student project
So I went back and tried a looser version of the lavender field but I think I like the detailed one better.

Polaroid Paintings - image 6 - student project

Made it through the first two after multiple attempts at the first one lol It’s really a hit or miss for me if the wet on wet technique is going to work out. I would have preferred my colours to blend a bit more for the background, but I wasn’t touching that paper the second time around for fear of ruining it again. I really like the undersea one, I think I might like to try that technique on a bigger piece of paper :)

Polaroid Paintings - image 7 - student project