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Polaris School

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My name is Tim Chatfield and along with my wife Niqui started homeschooling our 5 children over 12 years ago. A few years into educating our children at home we began a partnership to market and sell a virtual curriculum program to homeschool students worldwide - Progress Academy. We have enjoyed modest success with Progress Academy but are at a point where our partner company has decided to pursue different interests which provides Niqui and I a unique opportunity to create a program we can be proud of but also serve more families looking for an alternative to traditional brick and mortar education.

Our Project is called Polaris School. We are beginning a new chapter in our commitment to serve families who desire an excellent education with the flexibility to attend class when it's convenient for them and from wherever they are in the world.

The Polaris School addresses the societal need for personal responsibility instead of entitlement, the need for contribution not acquirement, the need for collaborative accomplishment not self-aggrandizement. 

We do this by inspiring students to find their true passions and gifts. Empowering them with the belief, tools and knowledge to reach their goals. Engaging students with leaders, mentors, and networks who can plug them into their future.

Polaris School is an international virtual private school for students K through 10th grade. We will be adding 11th and 12th grades in the next year for student graduation.


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