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Poke Salet

I loved the look of Olga's postcards so I decided to try to follow the class and make my own.Thinking of inspiration for the project, a plant called Pokeweed came to mind. I saw it recently for the first time as it's quite rare where I live. It's a very strange, but beautiful plant and discovering more information about it was pretty interesting. It's an invasive weed in some countries, a garden plant in others, can be eaten as a spring green (if you know how to remove the toxins in it), a potent medicine, a dye, an ink , birds love the berries  but it can be deadly for humans. 



After creating  a mood board and some rough sketches I was ready to paint.






Here my first problems began. I knew there were some watercolors somewhere in the house, but I just couldn't find them. In the end I used some old dried up tempera which didn't really give the same look.





Then I struggled with scanning as my scanner is a pretty basic machine which didn't have any special settings.  What I found most tricky was using photoshop and following Olga's instructions. Although I have used illustrator frequently I'm new to photoshop. I'm really pleased that I managed to finish the project as I got really, really  crazy and nearly gave up quite a few times.  I had to improvise a lot. Although the final outcome is not at all what I had in mind, the postcards do look like a  cohesive set  and I   feel confident enough to try other projects that could seem too difficult now.  Time to buy some watercolours and try again!












Thankyou for getting this far. I'd love any feedback :-)


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