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Poison Garden/Herbarium Leaves & Vintage Potions

Update 20 March

Going to update my  prints here so I don't have to scroll all the way down.

Trying to bring everything together. I'm not happy with everything, but happyish with some and  so pleased that I have managed to get so much done. I will never look at print designs in the same way again!

Poison Garden



Herbarium Leaves



Vintage Potion



update 18 March

Uploading 3 focal prints, even if they may  well not be the focal prints!  Really enjoying the process now, even if I'm still making tons of mistakes and still  struggling with color. Unfortunately the deadline is getting very close and I have so little time at this moment....

update 17/03/2016

Just updates my motifs for the prints, but I must admit that I am, time . color, techie!!!

update 7/03/2016

Hello again to everyone, especially to Bonnie.

I'm Sandra an English teacher from the UK but I live in Italy.

My favourite passtimes are art and  design but I also love wild plants, herbs, foraging, preserving and

concocting herbal remedies so this project will reflect these interests.


If you collect wild plants for consumption you need to respect the environment/local laws etc, but first of all you need to be 100% sure of plant identification.  There are many plants which can be toxic or even deadly. Some of the most poisonous plants are extremely beautiful.

So my first project is "POISON GARDEN".

My mood board is comprised of photos that I have taken in the past.  I found the many colours too distracting so I changed them to greyscale. I have done some very quick sketches, but I need to spend more time on this phase.





As I love pressed plants, botanical illustrations and herbariums the next one is "HERBARIUM LEAVES"





The last one is inspired by  some of my collection of  glass bottles   "VINTAGE POTIONS"




Looking forward to learning more and watching your projects......



Hello to  everyone who has gone before and those who will continue afterwards!

If you are browsing projects to decide whether or not to take this class.....stop browsing and just do it!

Bonnie is a fantastic and generous teacher. I have learned so much from this class about SPD and also about illustrator. I'm an English lady who lives in Italy. I have an arts background (in the distant past) but now work in a different field.  Not so long ago, I didn't even know what a screenshot was let alone how to take one. So even though I'm not 100% happy with my project and I am so proud that I did it and finished it. I intend to do it again and also Bonnies' other classes as there is so much info to digest, but in an easy step -by-step way.. Unfortunately I missed the three point focal one.

So I chose Daisies as my starting point although I love everything that nature has to offer, especially  what many think of  as weeds. These are a couple of old photos that i found.




I sketched from the photos with a black biro and scanned them into illustrator. It was pretty easy, but next time I will use a felt-tip as there were a lot of broken lines


I liked the olours in this photo and played with it for a while but wasn't happy so  I used colors from my mood board which I'll post afterwards.





These are some of the patterns that I came up with



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