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Poire Belle Hélène

I really enjoyed this project and the process. This will be my first time submitting to TD&C.

I really wanted to do something with pears because of the time of year.

I was really inspired by these images:


I drew these pieces:


I hand lettered the title and added a plate:


This is my color study:


I ended up ditching the spoon drawing and the gray colors, though. I didn't feel that they fit with the warm design. I added some lace to the sides to draw the eyes inward. I think it also added to the romance I wanted to convey with the overall image. I added some repetition with the dripped pear in the background to fill some void. I was really happy with the action of the chocolate sauce.

This is my final piece. I love it! <3

Thank you,

Kristin Modjeska-Holt



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