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Poe Family Crest


So after doing some research on our name, I discovered that it was based on a French nickname surname that meant "Peacock" or someone who was overtly concerned with their appearance. Apparently, it was common for surnames to be derived from nicknames that described a person's personality. Once that person began using the nickname, it was passed on to the next generation and so on. 

Peacocks, huh? While I wasn't sure about that, one thing I did know for sure was that my family worked hard. My Dad has worked in construction and as an equipment operator his whole life, and my brother followed suit. They're great guys who build stuff and fix shit and my Mom was always painting and sewing stuff, so there was always a lot of making going on. I wanted to make it about that but also incorporate some good 'ol Edgar Allen Poe, the most famous of all Poes. My Grandmother always said we were related to him and that side of the family was from the mid-atlantic, so who am I to argue? And besides… Ravens and Peacocks? Maybe I can kill 2 birds with one stone (ba-dum chis.)


So I started out with a color scheme that matched the family crest somewhat with blue, red, and white. But again, I wanted this to be more about my immediate family so I switched things up and replaced the red with a yellow color to call back to our hardworking roots. I have so many memories of seeing giant, real-life, yellow tonka toys working away in the distance when we'd go visit my Dad on worksites. Had to go with yellow. We lived mainly in AL when Iwas growing up, but also lived in WV and now TN. Cars were also a big deal in my family and the flags call that out here, including a wheel from an Oldsmobile Toronado that we had that was pretty rad.


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