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Todd Nevins

Podcast Coach & Media Strategist



Podcast Coach

I’m a digital media executive who’s founded 3 successful startups – 4 if you count the beef jerky company in Mexico – specializing in marketing, technology & media.

Published writer/industry expert who has been quoted in Forbes, Computer World, Inc., All Analytics, datanami and Plotting Success. Interviewed top business leaders for a weekly ‘Exclusive Chat Series’ exploring career paths and industry trends.

I launched my podcast in 60 days and started that process knowing NOTHING about launching a podcast. 

I had never looked at an audio editing software or plugged in a microphone.

I made mistakes, good decisions and great decisions along the way and my podcast now has 50+ episodes and thousands of listeners.

Launching a podcast has been one of the BEST DECISIONS that I've made in my career and it's been an honor to capture thousands of people's attention to share stories of extraordinary people.

I'm passing along the knowledge that I've gained and my exuberance for the podcasting industry that is exploding.

I'm happy that we are on this ride together. We are going to rock it!! 


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