Pockets for the People

Pockets for the People - student project

Everybody loves pockets!  My product combines the cozy comfort of a 'muff' with the utility of a hand-bag.  The ciruclar bag has a zipperd pouch on the back, a novel fabric on the front, complimentary solid fabric on the back and sides, distinclty colored piping, a looped handle and a soft pocket for your hands. 

Looking forward to gaining some understanding about textile manufacturing and would love to get feedback on my design.

Week 1:

Design challenges - I created the 7 piece + interfacing pattern for this piece and have outlined the steps for assembly.  Because it is a handmade piece I don't have the time to make inventory and sell them on online.  I'm looking to learn how to manufacture this unique piece efficiently because, it takes me about 4 hours of labor if you include cutting and construction.