Pocket's Average Fan

Pocket's average Fan is Erii, age 18-24, He resides in Mexico City, but visits the States and Canada often, sometimes visiting friends in Montreal, Los Angles, Philadelphia or Portland. He is a part time student and into creative industries- including curation, art history and fine and digital arts. He also plays in his own band during the weekends and likes to meet and play with other musicians in his friend network. He also collects tapes and is teaching himself how to use a 4 track tape machine.

 Why hes drawn to Pocket's work in Particular:

Erii loves original music and he finds alot of value in hearing different layers in Pocket's work and seeing how different conceptual and stylistic approaches come together not just lyrically but in the feeling and texture of the music. He also appreciates that she records and plays all her own instruments and does the entirety of her production as an auteur. He also is a fan of lofi 4 track experimental music, socially conscious lyrics and was drawn to Pocket mainly through that stylistic medium of expression. He's also a fan of lots of other female artists- like st. Vincent or cocorosie, which he tangentially compares pocket's guitar technique and vocals to. But hes also a fan of more lofi, weirdo and hard-to-define genres and artists closer to ariel pink, dr dog and tobacco and earlier Beck.

Other activities/cultrual insight:

He loves reading philosophy and having deep converstaions that are engaging with close friends at the local coffee shop or gallery. Even though hes active in an urban environment, He's also into camping, biking and skateboarding and heavily involved in various sub culture groups- usually focused not only on sharing music and hearing about new artists but also in passing down his favorites to his little brother and family friends. While he appreciates social media, he actually would rather go see shows live than spend time on facebook.

He has a large record collection and prides himself on this. He hears about new music mainly through visiting his local record shop and talking around to his friends. Sometimes he hears about music through Shaking Through or various underground Blogs and Bandcamp. Sometimes he will read Fader or Under the Radar, but only when he has exhausted other trusted sources.

He works hard but enjoys the simple things in life, being out in nature, talking with people and traveling to see and hear new things. He is very involved in music as a lifestyle element and it comprises a large part of his identity- both social and spiritual.

He identifies with a large cross-cultural span of music- especially in the independent/alternative vein and loves being exposed to variations of creativity through ecclectic tastes.


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