Plymouth Graphic Designer

Plymouth Graphic Designer - student project

Instagram: @jonglanvilledesign


First of all Taylor, thank you very much for the excellent class. I learned loads already on how to improve my Instagram page, and hopefully gain larger audience engagement.


I'm an aspiring freelance graphic designer based in Plymouth, UK; and I specialise in logos, branding, poster/print design and online content creation.


My main objective with my Instagram page is to showcase my skills and create a following so hopefully I can generate some more remote/local design work.


This is my opening Instagram section so far along with bio, website link, and highlights:

Plymouth Graphic Designer - image 1 - student project


I'm currently involved in a 100 day project ( where I'm doing a drawing each day, one particular skill I'm looking to improve on. So this is why I'm sharing two screenshots of content; my current 12 images, and my 12 images of my usual content.


Current content (including images from my 100 Day Project):

Plymouth Graphic Designer - image 2 - student project


Usual content:

Plymouth Graphic Designer - image 3 - student project


My content buckets are as follows:


Motivation Monday (Monday) - Design-related inspirational quotes. I have been on and off with this due to time constraints, but it's something I would consider doing again.


Logo of the Week (Wednesday) - This is a UGC (User Generated Content) feature where I look for other designers logos and award a design with my Logo of the Week every Wednesday, in post and stories tagging the designer him/herself and writing a review on each logo.

Here's the latest one of these posts:


Film Friday (Friday) - One of my main practices is I design alternative/minimalist movie posters such as the ones from this Instagram story highlight where I post a film poster every Friday.


Logo Designs - This is any new logos I create for clients, these can be posted any time.


Behind the Scenes - Like the notebook on table pic in my usual screenshot, any other images that show my workings as a designer.


And this is an About Me post I did back in February

Plymouth Graphic Designer - image 4 - student project


I have a Professional account so once I had 100 followers I was able to see my metrics including audience locations, ages, gender, etc easily. This has helped me a lot with what content to post, and more importantly what times are best to post them.


One particular thing I've learned from the class is that I should consider creating more video content, and focus on creating more engaging carousel posts.


Apart from that, any advice would be highly appreciated.


Many thanks