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Plush Fiends

In this project, I am keen to explore the realm of plush toys as a subcategory of designer toys.

Plush toys are traditionally very one-dimensional. Innocent and cute. Novelties. Things our 10-year-old selves lined along our beds before we went to sleep. 

Now imagine falling asleep with a plush that has the frightening face of a lion mid-roar, with all the energy, power and intimidation to give you nightmares. 

The idea is to bring together the soft materials (fabric, filling) of plush toys and the harsh features of a terrifying animal to try to generate some complex and discordant emotions. I am also quite fond of the angled and slightly hunched posture of the Dunny, so I would like to incorporate that as my element of appropriation. 

What fascinates me is how the nature of the material and the subject matter are very much at odds with each other. It's the synthesis of a medium that is conventionally seen as being feminine with a subject matter that has a lot of masculine energy, like using something soft to portray a harsh emotion which I think can be very intersting.

Here are some initial sketches. It may be a bit complicated to translate into a plush, but I'll figure that out later on. This is from the front:

And side:

Another rough sketch that contrasts a high energy expression with an almost soft, relaxed posture:


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