Plus size clothes in Kuala Lumpur

Plus size clothes in Kuala Lumpur - student project

Giving plus size customers choice and style in the fashion market.

I first got the idea when I started living in Asia (mostly Malaysia) in my thirties. Tops aren't too hard to find, but trousers and underwear are very difficult. So I thought I'd just order some items and go for it. But almost all manufacturers don't have pre-made items to sell at low numbers if the size is 14 and higher.
Going from trying to sell retail to having to design the clothes and find tailors to do it, this has been a very long process. I want to find the problems and the way to send it forward cost effectively, but to also get past my own fears of whether I'll be able to manage it. I never planned to be the designer and be in fashion, but I know the market is there from long research.

So, I want to use social marketing to give customers choice and to allow me to prepare the items to have made more easily. It'll be great to also make it a spot for up-and-coming designers to have a go at putting their own lines up for customers to choose from.