Plum Fruit Leather

Here is my moodboard.  I have a plum tree so I mostly used my plums in real life. My plum tree is an italian plum tree, so mine were the blue ones with green/yellow to orange fruit centers.


The final sketches I scanned into the computer.


A pattern I made for this project in illustrator.



I made several little thumbnail sketches of layouts..  All of them incorporated the fruit leather swathed over a large percentage of the page.  Also, I wanted to show how pretty the fruit looked before I put into the oven...  So all of my layouts incorporating the cookie sheet baking process.  I wish I had taken a photo of my cooking process for comparison!

This was one of my iterations below. 


I think for me, I need to think of different types of recipes.  The square shape for the cookie sheet and fruit layer kinda kept me boxed in for layout ideas.  But once I committed to the recipe I was determined to make it work.

 I kept tweaking the layouts, and colors and this is where it felt the most cohesive for what I was going for.


I loved the class, and I already loved food illustration!

It was really neat to see Ohn Mar Win's methods and style in action.  I feel inspired to make another recipe soon.  

I've submitted to TDAC, and will add a link when published!


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