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Plugged In

This story was inspired from a conversation over coffee between my husband and our friend. We were talking about what our personal etiquette rules for cell phones were. My husband and I shared that we have a no cell phone at dinner policy, whether we are at home or on a date. I reluctantly offered that I use my cell phone more than I should, but I was trying to be really aware of my usage, so I could be more "present" in the moment. Our friend, who is also a Yogi, said it's almost like she can see a light of mercury being passed into their bodies and my husband mentioned he could see that as a sci-fi style art work. So,that got me thinking about how much we miss out when we "plug in". I've had this idea in my head for about a month and I thought this class would be the perfect time to put it into motion. 

Above, is the sketch of what I wanted my story to look like: a couple that were connected to their phones, but not each other. I wanted their to be a picture of them in the background that showed them engaged in emotion, showing connection. I wanted people to see that contrast. Since drawing is not my strong point, I decided that it would be neat to use magazines, but to mix and match from different pictures. I also used a real picture of my husband and I for the picture hanging in the living room. I used different eyes for the couple to illustrate that when we are not connected, it can be easy to conceive a distorted view of the person we love. 

I wanted this piece to inspire people to think about their personal connections; more specifically their relationships and how they interact within in them. What are they missing out on? What are they placing in front of it? How can they be more "Plugged in" to the moment instead of other things, like their cell phones.

My goal is to create a short book with pictures like these illustrating a variety of social concerns. I'd love to get feedback on your thoughts!!!


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