Plowing through Psychological barriers!

My biggest challenge in reaching my ideal state of fitness has been overcoming psychological challenges such as laziness, bad dieting habits, and general discouragement. it's easy for me to start a training regimen; but after a couple of weeks, the regularity quickly dies off and I slump back into half-hearted efforts.

Using this two week course as a diving board, I hope to completely change my mindset towards working out, and develop good habits to stay consistent  in bettering myself.


  1. Get down to 180 lbs: I've been hovering in the 185-190 lb range for the past 3 months, so this seems like a very attainable goal.
  2. Start a regular and attractive workout schedule to both build lean muscle and cater to my love of running. It's been a very long time since I've done any kind of real strength training, so this will most likely be more difficult for me.
  3. Pin-point bad dietary habits (eating too much sugar, unbalanced meals, etc.) and work to transform my diet into one of my fitness strengths.


  • My idea of working out for the past year has been pure and simple running; however, (especially after watching the first video for the class) I realize that this is not very effective for strength training. So, for the first week I plan on incorporating multiple sets of pushups and situps into my excercise regimens, as well as a visit to the gym to gague my level for bench press and other weight-lifting activities. During week two, I plan on switching to gym time as my main focus for working out, with running as more of a warm-up or off-day activity. Since the weather is fairly horrible for outdoor running where I am anyway, I don't think this transition will be too difficult.
  • Nutrition has become hugely attractive to me recently, and I've been moving to eat a majority of fruits and vegetables at lunch and dinner. However, I have a real problem when it comes to sugar, it is my proverbial Achilles Heel. Over the course of this class, I want to get into the habit of monitoring my meals (perhaps through an Excel spreadsheet) and especially my sugar intake. I think this will be an invaluable tool in reaching the most efficiant dietary practices to meet my goal.

Looking at these goals written out, I believe that they are very attainable, and that there is definitelt;y room to exand as I grow into more healthy habits.

I look forward to reaching my goals over the next two weeks and launching off into a better life style that will help me succeed in my more long-term goals!


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