Plovgh - student project

When you buy food from the grocery store only about $0.16 from every dollar spent on a food product reaches the farmer. The other $0.84 goes to the diesel in the truck that is transporting the food, the cost of storing until sold, the people who sell it to grocers, the chef that prepares your meal, the satellites and databases that track shipments, the workers and forklifts in the warehouses.

Plovgh is a marketplace and distribution network for independent farmers, fishers, and food artisans that improves producers’ profitability by providing customers with a connection to directly sourced goods. We're rethinking the traditional agircultural transaction in a way that gives the power back to the growers, and cuts away at the costs imposed by the middlemen – the wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

We have a growing community and are in the beginning stages of formulating a content marketing strategy. We're interested in identifying ways of reaching new members that align with our lean startup strategy.

Plovgh - image 1 - student project

Mallory Sustick

Farm Recruitment/Community Manager