Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach

Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach - student project

Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach - image 1 - student project

Ploog'n is a unique new device that frees us up from the tyranny of wall outlets.  Outlets are typically too few in a room and too hard to get to. When we need to plug in our electronic devices we bend down,  crawl around, stretch awkwardly and move furniture. Thats why we use extension cords and power strips but they are lousy and ugly looking  solutions.

My wife Elizabeth hated seeing extension cords beside the sofa.  She also patiently suffered  computer cables strewn across the living room where we like to work. Because I love her, I did something about it. I got an idea, went to the thrift store and purchased a little old candy tin and a used desk lamp. I took them home, removed the light globe and attached the candy tin to the lamp's flexy neck. I then added some outlets, wired them up and OMG it was beautiful and it worked! It was such a pleasure to be able to sit in my chair and just plug in my lap top without getting up. It was a red tin too and it matched my chair perfectly. Elizabeth loved it, so we made a few more. Then we mad a bunch for our firends and they loved them so we knew we had something.

We named the device Ploog'n. Ploog'n is the world's first sexy extension cord that stands up, so you don't have to bend down to plug something in. It stands up and you plug right into it. It is soooo easy! Plus, Ploog'n hides plug wires, stores computers and controls wasteful power use with the push of a button. 

My vision includes a thousand open sourced Ploog'n designs brought to life 'Etsy style' by makers from the Ploog'n user community all showcased and available on the Ploog'n site.

 The below copy is from my temporary website. Remember the design you see below proved too expensive to make so I am in re-design mode now.   The new prototypes will be ready in 60 days and they are radically different and so excitingly cool.  I will be able to show it properly at that time.

So, I am totally open for any advice and wisdom you can share with me.

Steve Chayer

I'm only playing with themes,  ideas and writing to elicit feedback until I ready to launch the official commercial site. 

Read on and comment if you'd be so kind.

Ploog’n Power Stands

Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach - image 2 - student project

1. Convenience! Most walls plugs and extension cords are blocked by furniture. Ploog'n is a different extension cord. Ploog'n is a stand and it's outlets are high up off the floor within easy reach. In this simple way Ploog'n is revolutionary. You place Ploog'n beside your couch, chair, desk, or bed. This perfect outlet height makes plugging in/out fast, easy, luxurious. Ploog'n is stylish so it can remain in plain view. No more bending down, crawling around or stretching awkwardly for an outlet. An outlet obscured by furniture is an outlet that needs Ploog'n.

Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach - image 3 - student project

2. Organization! Ploog’n eliminates computer clutter. It reduces the visibility of computers and cable wires in a room. It stores and hides unused computers and tablets from view but still keeps them handy off to the side. You’ll love, love, love how Ploog’n keeps your rooms looking clutter free.

Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach - image 4 - student project

Ploog’n is beautiful and stylish enough to be kept in plain view where it is easy to reach.  You might tuck it between your chair and side table or your bed and side table. There, it is practically invisible yet still super convenient.

3. Eco-Friendly! Ploog’n makes it easy to stop wasteful standby ‘phantom’ power, saving you money and eliminating a terrible source of carbon emissions.

Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach - image 5 - student project

Steve Chayer, Ploog’n's inventor,  holding a  typical ‘brick’ power supply used for charging electronic devices.

‘Brick’ chargers consume power even when the computer is turned off. There are billions of these brick chargers in use around the world humming away and wasting power  24/7. Is yours one of them?

We leave our computers plugged in because its a hassle to unplug them and we fill the atmosphere with carbon emissions from the power plants producing the energy we waste. 

Here’s how Ploog’n solves this problem…easy to reach switches on Ploog’n that control what is plugged into it’s outlets! You simply turn off the switch beside you.

Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach - image 6 - student project

Receptacle switches control what is plugged into Ploog’n and they are within easy reach.

There’s more… 

Ploog'n Power Stands...Power within reach - image 7 - student project

Ploog’n can be customized to suit your decor. Here are just a few of the hundreds of colors that will be available.

Crawling around in search of an electrical outlet is terribly inconvenient  for anyone at any age.  Ploog’n is a simple, elegant solution to using ugly extension cords and power strips.

That’s Ploog’n.


Steve Chayer, Inventor

(patents pending)

Steven Chayer

Inventor, Product Developer, Entrprepeneur