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Ploog'n Power Stands: Outlets for an e-zier life.

Ploog'n is a unique new devise that frees us up from the tyranny of wall outlets. Outlets are typically too few in a room and too hard to get to. When we want/need to plug in our electronic devises we have to crawl around, bend down, stretch and move furniture. Extension cords and power strips are lousy solutions, not the ideal. I set out to invent the ideal. I named my device Ploog'n.

My Tagline: Outlets for an easier life.

Below are my other tagline ideas and below that is more info on Ploog'n.

Possible Taglines...

The big e-zy
An outlet for an e-zier life.
There's a new cord in town...
Stand up to power
The power of convnience 
The extension cord e-volved
Back pain, Weight gain, Battery drain? - Plug into Ploog'n.
Dragging Slayer
Outlets Abound
Outlets everywhere.
Everyone's outlet for an easier life
Your outlet for an easier life.
This outlet for an easier life.
A simple outlet for an easier life.
Why is the friggin outlet always behind the furniture?
Why are outlets always behind furniture?
When oultets are behind furniture.
Forget wall outlets. Plug into Ploog'n.
Power within reach.
A wall outlet obscured by furniture needs ploog'n!
A wall outlet obscured by furniture is an place for ploog'n!
Plug on a stick
More wall outlets for everyone!
More outlets & easier to reach! 
Plug into ploog'n instead of the wall.
Ploog'n: when the wall outlets far far away...
Ploog'n: when bending down hurts
Ploog'n: When you aren't sure what s under the couch.
pLOOG'N: When the wall outlet is blocked by fortress sofa.
Ploog'n: when you just want to relax
Put the wall outlet near you!
Bring the outlet to you.
The outlet comes to you.
Don't bend over...
Sit Down-Plug In
Vertical power
Electrify you sofa
Ploog'n Standup
Stand up for convenince
Stand up for productivity
Stand up & be connected
Stand by power
PLoog'n Evolution
Ploog'n Revolution
Don't bend down...Plug into ploog'n
Back pain?  Plug in to ploog'n.
Weight gain?  Plug into PLoog'n
Battery drain?  Plug into PLoog'n.
Plug into a PLoog'n.
Not your parents extension cord
Personal Charging Station
Charging tower
 Because convenience is borne of a higher order
 Because convenience is the higher order
Plug & Go
Plug 'n Go
Power tower
Ploog'n: Wow! That was easy.
You're going to love this extension cord.
Earth friendly, clutter reducing, utterly convenient.
The extension cord that will change your life.
The fastest, easiest way to plug into a wall outlet.
Lightening fast way to plug in your ...
3 dimensional wall outlets
Make the wall outlet come to you.
When you need to plug in, Ploog'n!Conveninet Power Outlets when its time to charge your electronics
When you need an electrical oullet, Plug into a Ploog'n
When you need power Plug into a Ploog'n
Need power? Plug into a Ploog'n
Convenient charging stand beside your sofa, chair, bed, desk!
beside your sofa, chair, bed, desk!
Need power? Just plug in to a Ploog'nWhen you need power Plug into a Ploog'n
Convenient Power
Instant Plug-in-ification
Ploog'n Power Outlets
Ploog'n Electronics
Ploog'n Charging Stands
Ploog'n Power Stands
Charge your Gadgets
Instant Gratification
Instant Gadget Gratification
Access to Power
Electrical Outlets within reach
Power Within Reach
Electrical Outlets were never so convenient
Stop Searching for Electrical outlets
A place to plug in
Electrical Receptacles right beside you
Convenient Electrical Receptacles
When you want to power your electronics, we are right here
Power Charging outlets right here
Power Charging Stands
Personal Power Station
Personal Charging Stand
Handy & Sexy
Power & Style
Electrical Power With Style
Electrical Receptacles Everywhere!
Charge up Anywhere
Plug in Anywhere
Plug in Here!
Electrical Power Here!
Here's an Outlet!
Power Here!
The below copy is from my temp website. I m only plying with themes,  ideas and writing and to elicit feed back ntil I ready to launchthe commercial site.

Ploog’n Power Stands

Let me tell you a story about Ploog’n, the tall, beautiful lovechild of a tawdry affair between a lonely, uninspired extension cord and her lover, a two bit power strip who once lived under my couch.

Oh, those two were such trouble. Sloven, dirty, and completely unaware of their appearance. Always there in plain sight, on the floor beside my beautiful sofa, not under it, as was their place. Ours was a love hate relationship. I needed them, for my wall outlets were all inaccessible. Without them I was forced to crawl on hands and knees to plug in this or that e-devise. I loathed them because their presence clashed with my furnishings. Oh, did they clash. They were mere utilitarian devises with aspirations of becoming legitimate furnishings in my living room!  How absurd! We were not purveyors of déco kitsch. What would our friends think of us? Oh, they were a constant source of  embarrassment and humiliation those two!

Well, all was not lost, for their tawdry liaison beneath this inventor’s couch hath yielded great goodness! Now Ploog’n is born and she is beautiful.  An intelligent, charming new device that will win your heart and soon take her rightful place among your prized furnishings. Never to compete with them, oh no,no, no. Ploog’n, though present, will be practically invisible. Oh, she is sleek and she is stylish, some say heroic! Her presence will grace your rooms, reflecting most favorably upon you. And whats more, she will grant to all who possess her, four most oft wishes of those who suffer her parents.  Read on and learn what dearest Ploog’n shall bestow upon thee…

Chair man plugging in

1. Convenience! Most walls plugs and extension cords are blocked by furniture. Ploog'n is a different extension cord. Ploog'n is a stand and it's outlets are high up off the floor within easy reach. In this simple way Ploog'n is revolutionary. You place Ploog'n beside your couch, chair, desk, or bed. This perfect outlet height makes plugging in/out fast, easy, luxurious. Ploog'n is stylish so it can remain in plain view. No more bending down, crawling around or stretching awkwardly for an outlet. An outlet obscured by furniture is an outlet that needs Ploog'n.

Ploog'n Header Image

2. Organization! Ploog’n eliminates computer clutter. It reduces the visibility of computers and cable wires in a room. It stores and hides unused computers and tablets from view but still keeps them handy off to the side. You’ll love, love, love how Ploog’n keeps your rooms looking clutter free.

Ploog'n is beautiful and stylish enough to be kept in plain view.

Ploog’n is beautiful and stylish enough to be kept in plain view where it is easy to reach.  You might tuck it between your chair and side table or your bed and side table. There, it is practically invisible yet still super convenient.

3. Protection! Ploog’n safely stores unused laptops, tablets and smart phones. No more lying around on armrests, coffee tables and couch cushions.  Computer devises are out of site, traffic patterns and harm’s way beside the couch, chair or bed.

4. Eco-Friendly! Ploog’n makes it easy to stop wasteful standby ‘phantom’ power, saving you money and eliminating a terrible source of carbon emissions.

A 'brick' power supply for charging.

Steve Chayer, Ploog’n's inventor,  holding a  typical ‘brick’ power supply used for charging electronic devices.

‘Brick’ chargers consume power even when the computer is turned off. There are billions of these brick chargers in use around the world humming away and wasting power  24/7. Is yours one of them?

We leave our computers plugged in because its a hassle to unplug them and we fill the atmosphere with carbon emissions from the power plants producing the energy we waste. 

Here’s how Ploog’n solves this problem…easy to reach switches on Ploog’n that control what is plugged into it’s outlets! You simply turn off the switch beside you.

Receptacle switches control what is plugged into Ploog'n and they are within easy reach.

Receptacle switches control what is plugged into Ploog’n and they are within easy reach.

There’s more… 

Ploog’n can be customized to suit your decor. Here are just a few of the hundreds of colors that will be available.

Crawling around in search of an electrical outlet is terribly inconvenient  for anyone at any age.  Ploog’n is a simple, elegant solution to using ugly extension cords and power strips.

Check out the short video I made for Fast Company Magazine.


That’s Ploog’n.

That my introduction. Now its your turn.

Please help me with your impressions and advice?


Steve Chayer, Inventor

(patents pending)


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