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Plenty of Projects. Outreach & Freebie Ideas Appreciated!

So you can probably tell I have no shortage of ideas for products and services. I pared the list down to just the projects that I'm actually working on. No wonder I'm tired! Just writing it all down made me go whew! And I forgot to write that I teach in-person Zentangle classes several times a month! I have only been in business for a few months, so I'm still getting my website straight, learning how to use social media effectively, creating products, etc.


I welcome any and all ideas for outreach or freebies. Fliers aren't really effective. I forgot to list I got a few students that way. Random Acts of Zentangle is when you leave a piece of Zentangle art in a random spot to make someone happy. I put my web address on the back if the person who finds it wants to check me out. I just started doing it, so I'm not sure how effective it will be, but it makes me happy. I offer free mandala templates on my website for people to fill in with Zentangle patterns. I don't know if people would appreciate a small art print with a purchase or an original sticker or something. A postcard? Maybe a few of my coloring pages could be free while the majority are for sale? What do you all think?


Since the last time I was on this project, I have started including a free coloring page and a coupon for those who rate my store with every Etsy order, reached out to three local stores, and started training. I'm getting a good response from the coloring pages. Two stores will start carrying my work at the end of the month and the third will have me as a featured artist in November! I'm also working through the Linked University curricula to learn how to make b2b contacts and land contracts. With these three things I will engage my web audience more, reach a local audience and expand to include businesses as customers, which will really boost my income level.

My first coloring page in a new local magazine, I'm doing at least 5 more and plan to create a coloring book of local landmarks. 



So my game changers are:

1. working closely with local stores to sell and promote my work 
2. working with businesses to become part of their wellness plans, annual retreats and team-building workshops
3.promoting my work through partnerships like my upcoming fundraiser with the RVSPCA and This Roanoke magazine


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