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Please rack your weights!

At my gym after class our members will rack their weights all over the place. Our manager put up some text signs but I thought a pictogram would work better. 

Action desired: Pack your X weights away here. 
Location: In the gym. 
Sign: Final pictogram design. 

I started off toying with the idea of keeping your environment clean, and how other gym members and coaches have to clean up and are unhappy about it, and happy about the gym. Then I thought about rather doing more process oriented design, to direct their action while they're packing away their weights. 






It's not that they don't pack away their weights, it's just that they pack the weights all over. So packing 10 kg plates in a 10 kg pile would help a ton. I added a "Attention" style shape to the final design to draw attention to the weight that we'd like to be stacked at that location.

And thus my final design. 



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