Olson P.

Olson Patterson



Please Don't Feed My Television Screen! Mood Board

After watching the lesson videos for this Skillshare class, I began googleing images for a topic and while I was researching online I was listening to The Misfits - "Static Age" CD. It was then the lyrics "Please Don't Feed My Television Screen" came screaming through my ears. So, I decided to create a mood board for that lyric quote of the song entitled "TV Casualty".

The Misfits is a Punk band from the early 80s that used Horror/Sci-Fi/B-Film imagery from the 50-60s era. So, I researched some images from both the 50-60s, 80s horror, and tv screens to create the eerie mood that Horror movie posters did from the 50s and 80s.

I didn't add a color palette because the over all image created this neon-blue like glow with black-and-white that in the end, I felt it wasn't fitting because it was already there.


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