Playmaker Project Week 3: Breakout... Level 1

Skillshare Week 1:

Hello everyone,

This is my first time working with Unity.  I played around with a few items from the Asset Store and created this scene.  A crazy palace surrounded by water, protected by a pair of gorillas.  After downloading the 3D models, it took me a while to figure out how to search through the Asset subfolders to find the correct textures and materials for the specific models.  Maneuvering the objects and my view of the scene took some getting used to.  Especially on my Macbook.  It may be better if I used an optical mouse rather than the mouse pad.  I am still trying to figure out how to add a sky background.  Looks like I have the correct assets, just now sure how to add them?  Any feedback, questions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I'm looking forward to week 2!

Here is a link to my Week 1 Project.

Skillshare Week 2:

Better late then never.  Here is a scene I created using Playmaker to alter the objects.  I had a little trouble scaling the skull, but I finally got it work.  Below is a list of actions that can be performed during the scene, with a few screen shots, and the link to the project.

  • Press the space bar to turn the directional lighting off and on.  Audio added for each change.           
  • Mouse click the plane to shift through 4 different materials.  Audio added for each change.

Here is a link to my Week 2 Project.

Skillshare Week 3:

Here is my week 3 project.  Week 3 was definitely more challenging then the previous weeks.  Working on this version of BreakOut helped me to understand the purpose and advantages of using the events and variables within Playmaker.  Below are a few screenshots along with a link to the game.  As simple as it may be, I am hoping it can bring out a few laughs.  Hope you enjoy it.


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