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Playlist: Japanese Guitar Bands

I've made kind of a lot of zines, but this was the first class in part of a larger course, so I used it as an excuse to do something silly. I've started keeping a sketchbook again after years and years of not bothering. A while back I made a comic with a sub plot about a hit song from a Japanese band in the late '80s. Drew a fake band t-shirt image in my sketchbook while I was working on it. So I took that as my jumping off point and drew all the Japanese bands that popped up on my iTunes shuffle during a long drive. There were a few more bands I would have liked to drawn also, but they didn't play during my trip.... 

The entire layout took some fussing as my ancient printer really didn't want to print it at all.



I told myself I would stick to hand typography and then added the subtitle on the computer at the last moment. 


The Collectors illustration gave me the idea for the rest of it. 


I don't know why they were wearing these costumes but by the time I made it to Mongol800 everyone was starting too look a lot a like (three guys! black jackets! hair in eyes!), so I figured this would be more fun than their usual look of porkpie hats and Hawaiian shirts. 


Shinki Chen is a pretty well known guitar legend even in the west, assuming that's what you are into. One of his bands was Speed, Glue and Shinki and they have nice, long songs -- great for sitting in traffic on the NY Throughway. 


Basically the Japanese equivalent of The Clash. Except I like them better than the Clash. 


Best. Band. Name. Ever. 


Actually they are some kind of "supergroup" where all three members are famous for other bands...? Oddly none of those other bands played in the car. 


And my sketchbook (with the cheap fountain pen I picked up for travel)


I thought about adding some commentary (like I did for this post), but I like it more as a catalogue with no real information. I wanted it to feel a little like happening upon my sketchbook and flipping through a few pages. I'm working on three different comics in various stages so doing something non-story based was really nice. 

That's it, unless I find a sudden cache of time in which to improve it more before thursday's deadline!


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