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Sarah Ayers

Graphic Designer



Playing with pen & ink

July 25: 

Started the class today and went through the first 3 sections this afternoon. I was having a lot of fun, but my hand was getting pretty sore. I'll have to keep going tomorrow.

Some of these freeform letters were really fun to work on. I was getting caught up in the swishing motion of making the Fs & Gs. I haven't used the traditional cursive form of the B in my handwriting for a long time, it's going to take much more practise for these guys to stop looking weird to me.

The traced alphabet was tricky as it was much larger than I'm used to making. I think I'll try some individually traced letters next.

I usually write quite upright, it takes some practise for me to get an italic going. 

My baseline gets pretty wonky without a guide, I'll have to work on that. 


July 21:

Had to play around with my materials after they finally arrived, even before working through the class videos. I've played a bit with pen & ink before but using good nibs, ink & paper make a real difference. It's pretty easy to get nice variation between the thicks & thins with the Nikko G. 

I started having a lot of fun with the Zs, can you tell?


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