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Playing with colors

My first attempt at mixing colors and drawing shoes. I used yellow, red and two different shades of blue. I did notice that my brush was too thick and perhaps not meant for watercolor. The color would not leave the brush and in some areas you can see stripes of different colors.

Sketch for the patent leather

ref image


Sketch ---I like the shape of the shoe but not the trimming and I left it simple


Some parts got muddy and I was struggling with blending the shadows so it would flow more smoothly.


Refrence for Suede shoe...I know it's not suede but I like the shape of the shoe :)


here is my sketch so far....still not happy with it...i'll sleep on it and make changes in the am.


My try at sequins....I found this one to be the hardest technique...I attempted several times before I was happy....what can I do to improve the technique?


and here is my final shoe...I just brushed water and then let it go where it wanted to..I let it dry and then applied another layer and just let the water go where ever...I did control the edging to give the shoe more depth. 


Thank you Katie for a wonderful workshop!   This is the first time I have taken an online workshop and have completed it. Hope to join in more of your workshops.


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