Playing with abstracts

Playing with abstracts - student project

Abstract painting is a challenge for me and usually I would avoid it, but this year I have been facing head on all of those fears: figure drawing, abstract, calligraphy, exercising -oh wait, that's not art related, well it could be, healthy body, no back and arm pain, happy artist right? ;) Anyway, I decided to add a frame to my paintings because, I want to feel proud about them and I feel it makes them pop.

First 2 paintings were free style and the next 2 had sketches and color swatches made first.


Playing with abstracts - image 1 - student projectPlaying with abstracts - image 2 - student projectPlaying with abstracts - image 3 - student projectPlaying with abstracts - image 4 - student project


While "playing" with my scanner (still trying to make my scans look as faithful as possible but I dunno if it is me or my scanner but it is hard to achieve hahaha!, maybe a bit of both) I noticed how cool the negative versions looked:

Playing with abstracts - image 5 - student projectPlaying with abstracts - image 6 - student project


and lastly, my swatches and sketches:


Playing with abstracts - image 7 - student project


Thank you Marie! as silly as it might sound, I never thought that I could sketch first before making an abstract, it toootally helped me get rid of my anxiety of doing something without planning first and without been able to erase it later. I'm happy I took your class :)