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Playing with Watercolor

Blue suede shoes. 

Enzo Angiolini Tanens. Don't they look like a mermaid's shoe?

I'm a little happier with my drawing of the Tanen. I added salt to the background to test that out. I think it will be a fun technique! I used pencil to clean up the edges after I finished painting, and it really made a big difference. 

My drawing skills are pretty remedial, but I enjoyed creating this. I mixed using just primaries, which was a fun challenge. I'm starting to understand more about light and shadow, too. I could add more paint to the white shiny area in the toe area to make it resemble the original photo (Tanya, below). 

I have tubes of Cotman watercolors, which I used today to practice mixing from primaries. I used Cadmium yellow, Ultramarine blue, and Cadmium red.

The Fluevog Tanya

and the Malibran are my inspiration shoes.

I'm not happy with my Malibran, but I decided to show the ugly along with the pretty! This is an example of my overworking the painting and of not controlling how much water I was using...among other issues!

And I also like this DVF "Julip"

I used my Winsor & Newton travel set. I've had it since around 2005, and I'm glad to finally get to know it a bit better. 

As I created my chart, I found myself getting more confident with mixing the color right on the page, playing with the amount of water I used, and using the brush in different ways.

This was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon on my porch. Next I'm going to try mixing with only the primaries.


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