Playing with Procreate

Playing with Procreate - student project

I really wanted to learn how to incorporate water colour and digital art without spending money on Adobe products so I was so excited when I found this class.

For this piece, I followed Brook's instruction step by step. A lot of things didn't go smoothly and it took quite a long time to figure things out. One stage I thought Procreate doesn't work the way I wanted because my fingers were too dry for the iPad  but of course I was doing something wrong, eventually I could get the result I wanted. The class was challenging and motivating, really good for practicing and learning Procreate.

Playing with Procreate - image 1 - student project


For the following picture, I used the same water colour background which I used in the first piece, I experimented few techniques I learned in this class and Brook's other class, and just had a lot of fun playing around with colours and re-sizing, re-shaping, inserting different images etc. 


Playing with Procreate - image 2 - student project





Emi Yoshitome

Japanese artist in Melbourne Australia