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Playing with Lights

I loved this project because I've learned to recognize the different styles of light but never really purposefully tried them all in the sitting!  

For this project I recruited a male photographer friend of mine and a previous bride (I mostly shoot weddings) to model for me.  I mainly used an Alienbee 800 monolight with an octobox with a grid.  The butterfly lighting was done with a video light  because I couldn't get the octobox at the right angle on the light stand.  It's a little too clunky.  All were shot with a 80mm 1.8 lense at about f4.5.  I love the bokeh of this lens!  

So I started with Robert on the couch in my office.  I knew I wanted split lighting for a male because it just seemed to be a more masculine, hard style of light.  We did some serious ones, but I ended up liking his smile the best.  The white wall to his left helped fill in the shadow side a little.


Paige has never modeled before (she's a teacher on summer break) but she did an amazing job.  Her stunning green eyes don't hurt.  First we tried a little loop lighting.  The catchlights really made her eyes pop.


Played with a little Rembrandt pattern.  I realized after the fact that her lipstick was a little too light to look good in black and white, so I decided to stick with color for the final images.


Then we tried a little butterfly light with the video light.  I liked how the warm tungsten tone of the video light made the white wall behind it look blue when it was balanced for her skin tone.  


Video light battery died (whoops) so back to the octobox.

Not sure what pattern this is, but it was my favorite image of the bunch so I had to include it anyways.  :)

I liked how the light brought out her cheek bones and putting her against the white wall with the cream blouse made it a little more high key. 


Robert jumped back in for a serious look with the Rembrant pattern against my speckled wall (old textured paint from the original factory that the office was renovated from).  


That's about it.  Doing weddings, I pay attention to light but I usually feel too rushed to really perfect the pattern. This was a great creative exercise.  Thanks for a great class!  


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