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Tricia Ling




Playing with Bikebook typography

Continous the bikebook project for this class. Took the colors from the my styleguide and build some some typogrpahy base on the code given in this class. 

You can visit my live site here.  

Also took adventage of this opportunity to use git and git pages from this class. Love git. 

Here are the screen shot of my mini site. 


Flipped the normal of hover state. 


Change the color of the gradient for the normal state. What a tedious process. Wounder if there is a tool that can make this simpler.  


Adding a background image & changed the normal status block color. 


Took me a while to get the shadow to lay under the text correctly. For some reason, the shadow sometimes goes into two lines. The only solution that I came up with was to keep the top text smaller in order to get the shadow to show correctly. 


Made the text less skew, and played with the hover state shadow. 

You can visit my live site here.  


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